We are a multi-generation, family-owned business
specializing in Gardening, Landscaping, and Irrigation.
Sheridan Road Nursery was established at its current
3823 N. Sheridan location in Peoria, IL in the late 1930's.
In 1959, it was purchased by Harry Dixon.

In 1968 with the passing of Harry Dixon, sons John & Joel
took over the company. They incorporated in 1977,
changing the name to Sheridan Nursery, Inc.
From 1986 - 1995, we operated a satellite location:
1986 - 89       Arcadia Greenhouse
1990 - 95       Sears Gardens
In 1996, we opened our second permanent location at
3012 Alta Lane.

In 2010 the transfer of ownership has begun for the third
generation of the family - Mark & Scott.

The majority of our employees have been with us for an
average of 10 years, so expect to see the same familiar faces!
We pride ourselves on customer service, knowledgable
employees, and quality products.